dynavector XX2MK2 set up question

on vpi classic, do you set up with or without the mat on the table,
on without mat said 2.2g with the mat on it measure over 2.2 i think about 2.4g
and bass is too heavy, with the mat i set it 2.1g , bass is just nice , just right weight, play on 120 to 180g so far so good. any suggestion.
My phono on 40ohms. have not try moving higher yet.
If you play records with the mat on the TT, then that is how I would set the tracking force.

I have a different table but have found that I prefer my Dynavector XX-2 Mk2 on the heavier side of the suggested range and have it set at 2.2 gm.
I agree with dave, set up the cartridge with the mat if you use the mat.
I had the best sound with my XX2 MKII with it loaded at 100ohms and set at 2.0.
thanks Tricon and Tom
i have set it on mat as play LP on it at 2.1gm, so far sounded good. just right weight on the bass, still on 40ohms, is quite pain in the ass to change to higher on the aesthetix io sgn. as i don't see very well , especially i have quite tight spot.
I have mine at 2g but the bass is somewhat light, so I am moving up to 2.1 or 2.2g soon. For me, loading of 1000ohms sounds considerably better than 100 (which offers a bit grainy sound) with my Ayre P5xe.
With mine, I track at just shy of 2gm. about 1.97 or so. Now that all set-up parameters have been optimzed, I find 1000ohms sounds just right. Before that, 30ohms is what I used.

i think because i am using Krell FPB600 above 100ohms is brighter, are you guys at 1000ohms using tube amps?Ack and Dan
I primarily run a VAC PA 35.35, an EL 34 push-pull amp. Sometimes, I switch to a Plinius SA 100 MKIII, 100wpc solid-state, depending on what I'm listening to at the time. I don't feel the need to change cartridge loading when I change amps. The Plinius has better bottom end, and is better for very dynamic material.

That makes sense, Dan. Loading has to do with what may or may not be happening in the specific phono stage in use, so I would not expect to change loading if the amp is swapped out. This is also why is doesn't really do any good to compare what loading someone else is using unless the comparison is done with same cart, tonearm wire and phono stage. Same with VTF. This will vary depending on what tonearm (and other things) is used with the cartridge.
No tubes spoken here. Take a look at the tnt audio review as well, also loading it with 1000ohms...
I find the cartridge tracks best from 1.95 to 2.08 depending on the tonearm.

Like others here I'm loading at 1000 ohms. Also performs well wide open (47K) with some phono preamps.

Dealer disclaimer.
I liked mine best at 100 when using my Krell 650M amps and Thiel CS7.2s, and the same with my VTL tube amps and Harbeths. Two very different systems but the cartridge remained the same.
Gotta go with Audiofeil on this one I run mine at 1.85 to 1.95g and no additional loading. I have found the Phono stage has a big impact as to what loading is correct. YMMV
Hi Guys
You guys are right setting at 1k ohms, rock music sounded right on and jazz is just beautiful, switching from my previous PS audio which was so bright that only at lowest setting of 100ohms sounded best, but Aesthetix io signature Mk2 did not sound bright at all at 1k, dyna XX2 setting at about 2.2gm. With mat on. I will be getting SDS for my VPI TT.
Thanks guys
Have anyone try higher than 1k?
I have tried 47K; can't beat 1k - it really is all about system matching. I have recently gone to 2.1g and for me this is almost the right setting, as the bass bumped up considerably - the sound was a little thin before.

For example, playing the Sheffield Drum record, the kick drum is now powerful and very realistic, too thin before. It clearly outperforms the best CD transfer I have heard (and own) - the FIM/DXD mastering http://www.amazon.com/Sheffield-Drum-Track-Disc-Master/dp/B003JG93DC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1303676635&sr=8-1

Again - system matching, so experiment like all of us.