Dynavector xx2 mk2 loading sugestions

Hi everyone I recently purchesd a rp8 with a dynavector 20x2 and a used ortofon verto step up. I'm runing it all throwing my Cary slp98 with the and the verto on the 24db of gain. I had a chance to get a used xx2 mk2 with about 600hours on it. I love the sound of the xx2 mk2. But doesn't drive my system like the 20x2.  Espacilly with the bass response. Should a guy buy a step up with 26 db of gain for the xx2. And recommend any sut with that setting with in the$1200 range? Let me know your thoughts.
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I haven't used an SUT for a while but the ones I own are adjustable. Not familiar with the verto, but you may be able to go higher than 24db.