Dynavector XX-2 vs. Airt Tight PC 3

Looking to buy a NEW cartridge, in the 2-4K range. This $ range covers these two cartridges, as the XX is $1950, and the PC3 is around $3900. I am leaning toward the XX-2, but mostly because of it's lower $ range. Obviously, an unfair comparison for the XX, at half the cost. The price of the PC3 is at the top of my $ range, making the D-V XV-1S a non factor. My Preamp is a Shindo Monbrison. I use a Choir HM-7 or an A23 (Denon 103) SUT's.
My current setup is a Well Tempered Amadeus, which my Emt Tsd-15 is a great match for. The cartridge I buy will get run in on the Amadeus, but would likely end up playing on another TT setup, which will be a future purchase. Anyone with any comparisons with these two carts, the XV-1S or PC1, I would love to hear your input. I welcome dealer input as well, because let's face it, many dealers have great experience. Just remember the disclosure, so we can all play nice in the yard here. Thanks in advance !
No experience that can make a comparison, but just got back a SoundSmith rebuilt XX-2 and installed it on my Amadeus. A great combination for sure. That much I can attest to, but it must be admitted that I have not had other high dollar carts installed on this table, nor have I heard a stock XX-2, only the rebuild by SoundSmith. But what I hear is great. The best my system has ever sounded.
I own a PC-1 with which I am very happy. It replaced a Sumiko Celebration. There are two for sale now on Audiogon within your price range. One is used and one is new. Great review in TAS. I have not heard the PC-3.