Dynavector XX-2 MkII vs. Shelter 5000

After much upgrades to my system, I'm of the opinion that my cart. is the weak link. I have a DV10x5 on a Kuzma Stabi S w/Stogi S arm. I'm using an Exemplar Audio tube pre amp into two Belles 350a's powering Usher BE-10's. I'm currently using a Belles 28a as a phono section, because I have it, and it does have a good phono section. Kuzma uses and recommends Shelter cart.s, but I'm concerned that the 5000 might not be dynamic enough for my speakers, if that makes sense. It's not like my 10x5 is bad, I just dont think its on par with the rest of my system. Thanks
I don't know if this helps, but the best turntable I've ever heard was in 1996 at the Stereophile Hi-Fi show in LA:

Kuzma turntable with Cardas Heart (modified Benz Ruby) cartridge. It's more expensive than the 5000, but if I were in your position, I'd look at a Ruby or a Heart. You may never feel the urge to upgrade (at least your cartridge) again.
Like Joelv, I am not sure if my experience helps either, but I will give you what experience I have between the Dynavector and the Shelter cartridges I have owned, (and unfortunately, neither of them are the two you have asked about, but still, here goes ...)

My last cartridge was the Shelter 90X, which I believe was replaced by the Shelter 7000, (which is the model above the one you are asking about, I think). The 90X was a near great cartridge. It had great bass response, (in fact, as good as any cartridge I have ever heard). It had a slightly warm mid-range, and a very nicely extended treble response. It imaged and soundstaged very good, (but not the best I have heard, to be honest). The one real weak point of this cartridge was that it had a slightly noisy background. (i.e. it was not as deep and dark as I prefer.) Note, that I did say slightly noisy. It was above average, just not the best. Even with that being said though, I happily lived with the 90X for about two years.

And what did it take to pry the 90X off my tonearm, you ask? The Dynavector XV-1S is the answer. This cartridge has it all, IMHO. It has great bass response, (very, very deep, almost, if not as deep as the 90X). The mid-range has a nice tonality about it that is intoxicating (think Koetsu good, without the extra lushness - although I will gladly state I love Koetsu cartridges!). The treble response is very well extended, and it is even more highly refined than the 90X. The XV-1S images and soundstages incredibly well, (as good as any other cartridge I have ever heard). And, as the icing on the cake, it has the deep, dark, black backgrounds that I love. (I have quit looking for cartridges, as I have found the one I intend to keep for a very, very long time!) :-)

My two cents worth.
Good Luck in your search!
I have had Dynavectors 10x5, 20XL, 17Dmk2 and now XX-2 mk 2. I also owned the Shelter 90x. The Shelter was the best. All these carts are good, but I think the real wow factor starts at the 17D, it has the best treble I've heard, better than any of them, so good that it makes it sound to light in the bass. The XX-2 is more well rounded and quieter, but maybe not quite as thrilling. The 90x is hard to describe, it didn't do anything that stuck out but music was just more magical to listen to through it. I have some recordings that I made with it and it is easy to tell that it is better even by listening to the CDRs I made from it. I've never listened to the lower Shelters but I would doubt they are anything like the 90x. The 90x did not seem as good in regards to surface noise however, the XX-2 is better in that regard.

If I were you I'd go for either the 17D or XX-2, unless you are willing to jump up to a 90x or 9000.
Dear Mrmatt: Kuzma recomends Shelter because the Kuzma cartridges ( when Kuzma was on cartridges sale, I don't know if they still do it. ) were made by Shelter.

Now and looking to your system IMHO your peamp is a lot better with a MM cartridges than with LOMC ones.

There are some MM cartridges that IMHO not only compete with some of the MC name it here but that even outperform it.
If I was you my " road " will be through MM alternative.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks all,
sorry for delay in response. I keep upping the ante, ZYX atmos is selling for 2500 and sometimes a lightly used Xvs-1 is in the same range. I dont know anything about ZYX or any of the higher end carts. Are these comparable? Why are ZYX being sold at closeout prices? Thanks again for the patience. I am trying to learn as much as possible, and I find out the more I learn the less I think I know. If that make sense.
I believe the Atmos and Universe are discontinued. Please do not quote me here, as this was on a dealers website and may not be accurate. I heard this only from that source.
fwiw, a friend has the XV1s and ZYX Universe, both are great and I could live with either forever, but I think the ZYX is more dynamic and extracts slightly more from the grooves.
I haven't heard the XV1-S but I have owned a 17D2 and XX-2 and found them rather dull sounding. The 17D2 lacked about an octave of bass and both Dynavectors had a light, rather cool tonal balance with a recessed midrange. I preferred the Shelter 901, with its richer tonal balance, although it was a bad match with my tonearm (an Ekos) so I ended up regretfully selling it. I also preferred the Benz Glider and L2, and the Koetsu Rosewood. The Benz cartridges are now my reference, since I find them as close to ideal as I have heard.
i don't own a Shelter but do own an XX-2 MkII. I made the choice based on the stylus profile. All Shelters have an Elliptical profile but the XX-2 MkII has a Line Contact profile. There's obviously more to the design but I figure it all starts in the groove.
I own the Shelter 5000 and could not be more happy. It is sooth and detailed and tracks extremely well. It has all the dynamic range I could ever ask for.

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"I haven't heard the XV1-S but I have owned a 17D2 and XX-2 and found them rather dull sounding."
Hmmm, my XX-2 MK2 is far from dull. I guess it's all about synergy.