Dynavector XV1- T Thoughts and feedback

Dynavector XV1- T phono cartridge . Thoughts and feedback?
Clear, highly resolving, detailed and smooth, smooth, smooth; a combined list of attributes I don't think I've heard in another cartridge myself. I really couldn't be happier with mine. We're you interested in some particular aspect of its' performance?
Well for example if you switch from the XX2(2)(Itself a lovely cartridge) to the XV1 the difference is NOT subtle..
It's as if you switched on bigger and better speakers.
Bigger sound, massively expanded soundstage, smoother, fuller and still all the delecacy and detail of the XX2.2. XV1 is a beaut. Haven't heard the XV1s though!

Syst. XV1/507/Delphi/DM12/Anteres/DM58/Stratos/CLS2z
OOPs..sorry didn't see the "T" suffix in the question.
I have just the humble XV1.
I know one thing about the XV1-T , resistive loading must be spot on.