Dynavector XV1's vs XV1't

Has anyone upgraded their to the new XV1't?

For those who did, is it really sonically better than the XV1's considering the difference in price?

I need to have my XV1's rebuilt but i am debating whether i should just trade it in for a XV1't.

Any thoughts.
What are the price differences between the two DVs in the USA, Japan and Europe? The 1s is approx. 3.500 Euros.
Current retail on these two cartridges in the US is: XV-1s is $5,250 and the XV-1t is $9,000.
Could anyone please give me the name of a hifi-shop in Tokyo or Kyoto where they have one of these DVs in stock and I can buy a cartridge?

r walter
I've heard em both and they're both wonderful....
either way you can't go wrong...
the t version doesn't sound like a cartridge, just wide open music....