Dynavector XV-1s What is the REAL story?

I have read the performance parameters required for best sound in this cartridge, by the great HP,which I found interesting and perplexing.I then read,what seems to be a complete about face of HP's findings,by Mr Fremer,in Stereophile.Mr. Fremer does make a valid argument(we're talking tracking force)for correct alignment in the coils,and claims the mfgr's suggested force is the way to go.Makes sense,to me, NOT to stray from what the original designer has recommended!Yet,what do I know?It also seemed that MR Fremer was intentionally making the point,that HP was a bit clueless regarding downforce.

Well,now we have the "new audio pioneer"(I do like the guy,alot)Arthur Salvatore,on his "really fun to follow" web pages,stating that after much experience,with the XV-1s,he has concluded that MR Pearson was RIGHT,in recommending a downforce considerably higher than even the mfgr states.Obviously Mr Fremer would be incorrect.Even though his argument follows the line of ultimate reliability,as well as performance.All in a product costing about 4500 bucks--????

So,my argument is this---"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON"???

We have a very expensive product that has gotten a considerable amount of press,where the supposedly top reviewers in the industry cannot seem to agree on a parameter that will DEFINITELY affect both sonic performance,as well as long term reliability!

They claim that "Newbees" are in short supply,and the industry is shrinking.Hmm,I wonder why!

Do we ALL cancel our subscriptions,to these "once hobbyist oriented" journels?Do we rely on forums like this to garnish the "TRUTH",where there STILL are those who "jump" at the opportunity to tout their Favorite possessions,and put in a good word for their favorite designer/manufacturers?

Or do we start to rely on our own sense of perceptions,which(believe me)really begin to "sharpen up",after you have spent your hard earned cash!!

Any thoughts are always welcome!!
Well, I have about 25 hours on the XV-1T now. My first impressions are that it is a little more tweeky on setup and I'm still playing with that some. The soundstage is bigger I'm getting used to images far past the speakers left to right, the bass is fuller and tightly defined and there is more detail separating the instruments effortlessly. Musically I would say so far, it's different than the XV-1S but not necessarily better. The XV-1S to me sounds like it has less record noise, hiss, clicks and pops letting the music come through without the noise. With the XV-1T I do hear more detail and a bit more noise but maybe it will improve as it breaks in, so far, I had more goosebump moments and emotional connections with the music through the XV-1S. I am only listening with my Krell 402E right now which was just rebuilt by Krell and waiting for the 600E’s to get finished, the 600E’s do open up the soundstage and detail even more. I’ll stick with the T for a while and see how it goes but I still long for those intimate moments (hours actually) the S gave us, at this point I would still say the S is the most musical cartridge I have ever heard in my life, the way the music sings through that thing is uncanny. I’ve never seen so many grown men start crying as with the S, the emotional connection with the music was riveting; and it could rock out too.

I still miss the XV1s but jeez the XV1t does some amazing jaw-dropping stuff. At times it's so fast and effortlessly detailed I can't believe my system is doing that? The XV1t never gets flustered no matter how complex and dynamic the music gets, it really needs the XP27 to keep up with what it can do. Sometimes I'm just amazed at what it can do. The issue will never be the XV1t or the XP27, the question is, is your preamp. amp, speakers and cable up to the massive pounding, detail, and transparency that combo can dish out? I just spent another 50K to catch up with them.
The 1t is in my opinion improves all the shortcomings of the 1s. It’s the more civilized version of the 1s. I had the 1s for a few years and never warmed up to it despite the rave reviews. Yes it is a very good sounding cartridge and it did some things very well but it had some traits that bugged the hell out of me.  Finally I sold it and went for the 1t. To me the 1t fixed most of the problems I had with the 1s. A mighty fine cartridge in my books. Congrats!
Assertions and conclusions. I think that we all think in the same way.
We start with some assertion which we assume to be true and then
make our conclusions. But ''the first'' logical rule is: if the assertion
is not true than deduced conclusions can't be true also. Ergo : we
start with different assertions. 
My Allaerts MC 2 Finish has as recommended VTF 1.8 g( max
tolerance0.05 g !!!).  The most other carts have ''lose'' 
recomm.  from 1.5 till 2. 5 g.  What then is  the sense of advice to
 use recommended VTF? 
Then the obvious assertion is that the carts in casu are made
equal. Aka with exactly the same specs. This is certainly not the
case with the most Van den Huls. The added assertion is that those
are actually made by Van den Hul. How does one know that?
He spend 6 moths pro year in Ukraine, owns 4 different companies
and produce just one cart pro week in order to keep his skills in
good conditions. Who produce the other carts? Or, how many
workers does he use in his ''shop''? Why are so many Van den
Huls offered for sell. If one is not willing to part from his ''beloved
cart'' we can hardly find those for sell. Say Miyabi Standard,
FR7 fz, Ikeda 9 REX or Kiseki blackheart, etc. 

So after careful set up ( Smartractor for alignment and microscope for VTA)  I have 50 hours on a new Dynavector XV1s.

Using TW Acustic Raven and TW Acustic 10.5 arm. SUT is an Auditorium 23 T2, the correct SUT for this cartridge according to the dealer.

I read through the various comments here, and tried many VTF settings......settled between 1.95 and 2.00. I tweaked the VTA to correspond with VTF changes. Whoever said this cartridge is "hyper sensitive" to VTF setting was 100% correct.

Anyway, I like the overall presentation but I am disappointed with the mid-base. Horns and vocals sound too "thin" especially sax and female voices. It lacks "meat on the bone."

Typically you would add some weight to the VTF to get a "fuller/heavier sound, but its still unimpressive. I'm used to Miyajima so perhaps the Dynavectors are just more cool sounding?

Can someone familiar with Dynavector XV1s comment on this.

Will things improve with further break in?