Dynavector XV-1s vrs Transfiguration Proteus

I am interested in opinions on these two carts. If you have heard them. Which is your preference and if possible your description of its sound character. What loading you prefer for either cart.
Have heard the XV-1s vs. the Transfiguration Aria (now gone). Both are great cartridges (duh) and do "everything" right, but to my ears the Transfiguration was more musical and the Dynavector more analytical overall.
I have heard the Dynavector XV-1s and the Transfiguration Orpheus (now discontinued), and both are very fine cartridges. I agree with Ptmconsulting that the Transfiguration was more musical sounding, I would even say more natural sounding. I think I would call the Dynavector more dynamic and revealing than analytical though. I could see the Dynavector sounding analytical in a system that is already lean sounding, just as I could see the Transfiguration sounding lifeless in a system that is already warm sounding.

Which you would prefer would mainly depend on the rest of your system, as synergy is key. If your system/room is a bit too lively, the Transfiguration would probably suit you best. If you are looking to inject some life and energy into your system, the Dynavector would probably work best for you.
IMO, the dynavector XV-1s is ANYTHING but analytical.

I have not heard the Transfiguration.
I have heard the XV-1s at length in my setup just not lately, and at a friends place on his Dynavector 507mkII. I wonder since it is no longer the new kid on the block that it doesn't get as mush respect.

How good is the Transfiguration tracking and ability to sound quiet in the groove.
The Dynavector is the finest cartridge I have ever heard period, including the Transfiguration, it does everything right . I have mine loaded at 200 ohms and tracking at 2.5 grams in a stock VPI 9 inch arm on a Super Scoutmaster, phono amps are either a John Curl phono section of my Audible Illusions Modulas 3B, or my Allnic 1500 run into a Lamm LL2 Deluxe pre. The only cart that comes close in my opinion is the original Shelter 901, which I have mounted in another arm wand.
"I have mine loaded at 200 ohms..."

Can others with experience with the Dynavector comment on what loading they are using and why?
If the new Proteus is anything like the Orpheus L (a cartridge I own), it should be quite good at delivering low groove noise and tracking should be quite good (on par with very good tracking cartridges like the Lyras).

Both seem to be quite low in output, so matching with good high gain phonostage (and perhaps a Step Up Transformer) will be critical.

The sound of top Dynavectors and Transfiguration cartridges do not sound radically different to me. Neither is at any kind of extreme in terms of tonal balance, analytical quality, etc. (e.g., not a Clearaudio vs. Koetsu kind of deal).
I helped a friend install a Dynavector XV-1S on one of his Basis 2500 turntables and a Transfiguration Orpheus on the other 2500 turntable. We both felt the XV-1S was the better cartridge in our A/B listening session.

FYI: He used the balanced Einstein phono stage. I use the XV-1S myself, and I am on my second one actually. I have no desire to upgrade to anything else.

My two cents worth.

As far as loading I use 100 ohms on my Basis Exclusive phono stage. As to why, it just sounds best that way.
The Proteus is so different to the Orpheus so comparisons to the older transfig won't help that much IMO.

The Proteus has a lot more resolution, precision, articulation and slam whilst still maintaining the very natural and musical house sound. As good as the Orphus was, it sounds blurry and very laid/polite back by comparison.
Dynavector XV-1s:

VTF 1.92g

Load: 100 ohms
I owned the XV-1s and Orpheus twice each over the past 10 years.

Matched with the right tonearm both are fabulous.

However, I can't fathom the Orpheus sounding "blurry" in any comparison including any Zyx or vdH.
Dyna xv-1s

100ohms with tube phono
100ohms or 160ohms with ss

1.95 grams
Thanks for everyone's contribution.