Dynavector XV-1s or 1t with Heavier Tonearm

Considering Dynavector XV-1s or 1t. Did listen to 1s and really liked it (with SME 20/12 + V-12). I am curious if any 1s or 1t owners using them with heavier tonearms like Ikeda? How does 1s compare to 1t as price tag is 2 times? I consider to use with second tonearm which is 12" Ikeda 407. My Graham Elite is reserved by ZYX.
I did listen to XV-1s multiple times in various Arms, for me it was always better performing in heavier Arms, no matter what Phonostage or Preamp was used. Hard to describe, but overall Performance was a bit quicker, a bit more agile, the pysical presence was - or is - on a higher level compared to Arms like SME, Triplanar etc.
Syntax - what arm was the best with Dyna?
I am considering XV-1t as nest cart after my Phasemation PP-1000.
I am using Origin Live Enterprise C 12" with 21 grams effective mass.
Thank you Syntax. I presume you have tested the cartridge with your FR tonearms which should not be much different than Ikeda which is a good indication for me.