Dynavector xv-1s for Scoutmaster Sig.

I've enjoyed a Sumiko Blackbird now for some time on our Scoutmaster Sig. It has been at the heart of what has brought me back to my vinyl roots, and am grateful for this. As a professional musician, I am keenly aware of timbral authenticity, soundstaging, and hearing into/through a performance, thus I'd like to see what cart upgrade direction would provide the best means to this, and match well with our table. From research, I'm particularly interested in the Dynavector xv-1s, as it seems to be designed with these objectives, yet on the pre-owned market, comes within my budget (circa 2400). There are of course many discussions already on the xv-1s that have been interesting to read. A bit concerned only in that I've been advised by a few fellow audiophiles that the jmw9 signature arm cannot provide all that xv-1s is capable of producing, and should "buy to the arm," sort to speak. Any thoughts and/or experiences with this combo?
You will be very pleased with this combination. VPI arms have been getting a bad rap, which is not at all warranted. I am using a Benz LPS on a VPI arm with great results.

My opinion: you are over thinking this. The Dynavector Karat the 17D3 is crazy good and a new one is well under you budget. It would be guaranteed as well. A good thing.

You could spend a little extra money on a new phono preamp.

I am a dealer for Dynavector and have had a little experience here.

The best
The XV-1s is far too much cartridge for that arm. It's a reference level cartridge designed for reference level arms.

You can obtain terrific performance for far less $$ and buy new at the same time.

Soundsreal's recommendation is good. Lyra Delos would be another fine choice.

Dealer disclaimer.


I have the same TT with the same arm and have to yet buy a cartridge. Jim, in your opinion, would the Dynavector XX2mk11 cartridge be a good match with the Superscoutmaster and 9 inch signature arm?

Is the XV-1s worth stretching the budget for , or would the XX2mk11 do just fine?Thanks in advance.

The XX2 is a terrific cartridge but that may be to much money to spend. You should also consider your phono stage, how good is it and also you preamplifier how good is it.

Don't underestimate the 17D. It sounds amazing, it has a very short, and hard to mess up cantilever made from diamond as opposed to aluminum which is more typical in that price range.

Analogue is tough, so many variables.
I am using the XV-1s with the VPI SSM and the JPW 9 sig.

The sound is very good but lately I have had some problems as the cantilever is off-set probably after years of running without bias adjustment.

I use it into the Art Audio Vinyl 1 and very happy with the sound quality when all is well.

I have just sent the cartridge off for a rebuild after 5 years of ownership. Still sounded good but could not get setup right after suspension offset.

One upgrade option I am interested in trying is the JPW 10.5 arm upgrade for $1000. It seems a steal compared with going down the TW Raven AC and 10.5 arm route!

So I recommend the XV-1S in the JPW arm.
I wouldn't. Agree with the dealers... Too much cartridge for so little arm.
Dear Mbump: Yes, the XV1s is a very good performer way better not only that your Sumiko one but IMHO better that all the ones named here.

Even though and other that the tonearm subject ( btw, VPI designer use the XV1 as his " prefere " cartridge with his tonearms. Could be important to ask him about. ) the XV1s ask for first rate Phonolinepreamp that you don't own yet.

In the other side from that Sumiko to the Dyna is a big big jump that maybe could put your system more in trouble than on improved perfromance.

If I was you I will take another alternative that not only outperform that Sumiko but that match your priorities and your system: Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, you can be really surprised how good this humble MM performs.

Regards and enjoy the music,
If you get a chance try a Dr XV-1t in the arm. The cartridge is the most important link to the grooves so it is "garbage in garbage out" principle. The arm is only a support and the unipivot design is simple enough to not have too many vices. If you can afford to throw $s at the arm and deck too then fine but the SSM JPW9 won plenty of awards for its performance and is GVFM. I am getting a new XV cartridge so maybe the 10.5i will be money well spent with the VTA on the fly adjustment.

But will it be the S or T? :O)
>>01-10-12: Chfs911
The cartridge is the most important link to the grooves so it is "garbage in garbage out" principle. The arm is only a support and the unipivot design is simple enough to not have too many vices.<<

That is incorrect.

The arm is far more important than the cartridge.
It is simple logic. What detail you loose you cannot replace down stream. Laws of physics.

How can you argue against the basic laws of physics?

The arm will contribute to how well the cartridge tracks the record. My findings from using 10s of different arms is most of them work pretty well.

I even tested the prototype PU7 running 4 identical decks and cartridges with Aro, Ekos2, PU7 and PU3.

Yes, the arms all give different sound but the XV-1s will shine through in any of them with the detail it presents.

Your opinion may differ but we at least can all have an opinion right or wrong. It is my opinion I like the XV-1s alot whereever I choose to fit it!