Dynavector XV-1S and equal stereo output?

I apologise for the clumsy title but noticed that when I play mono recordings through the Dynavector, the image is slightly to the right side. I then comfirmed this by recording the output , noting that the recording level was 0.5 to 0.75 db less on the left channel. My question is whether this variation is within normal limits or is this something that sorts itself out when the cartridge is "burnt in" ( it is only about 25 hours old).
Is there a better way of checking this disparity?

Thanking you
Double check all aspects of your cartridge's alignment in the headshell (front-to-rear; yaw and tilt if adjustable) and tone arm adjustment, including anti-skating and pivot height. Also keep in mind that sometimes the indicators on knobs (such as anti-skating) are not as precise as you might think. Try increasing/decreasing the setting a bit and see if that changes things.

It could be nothing more than a mis-adjustment; it doesn't have to be off much to have that degree of channel imbalance.
How do you know it's the cartridge and not in the phono preamp? If you reverse the channels and the quiet channel moves, then it is the cartridge, or the setup. If it does not move, it is in the phono preamp. This seems like too high a difference to be acceptable.
I have swapped channels to confirm that it is the cartridge. In addition I had another phonostage available which I connected up and had the same outcome.
Thanks for the input thus far.
No cartridge is perfectly balanced, Dynavector specs are: Channel balance 1.0 dB (at 1KHz). Seems to me like you are within their tolerance.

It's telling you to get the mono equivalent.....do you play many monos? I've only a few, but when I heard them on the mono version, look out, it was great! but, there is that expense of another cartridge...
when in doubt call your dealer....
Thank you for the responses. I was not aware of the Dynavector channel balance spec ( much appreciated Todd).
Time for more enjoyment and less analysis.
Sorry ... late on this thread.

Here's the documentation on the 1dB channel balance spec:

Thom @ Galibier
Thanks for correcting my post with the manufacturer's info, Todd. What is especially interesting is that the spec is taken at 1K, when channel imbalances tend to be greater in the high freqencies. So acceptable response may be several db at other frequencies.