I would like to buy a new cartridge and I would like to know your opinions about the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua. I would like to know how it sounds, power of the bass, sweatness of the treeble, energy of the low medium.....

thanx a lot
I have not heard the Kaitora Rua, however, you might want to consider the superb Dynavector XX2 Mk.2. It is considerably less expensive than the Kaitora Rua, far less expensive than the XV-1s which I used to own, and scores very highly in those areas you mention above. You can check out any of the comments for the XX2 (or the Kaitora) here on Audiogon or anywhere professionals’ reviews are found. Glimpse the five owners’ reviews of the XX2 on the Needle Doctor site...And yes, I own and thoroughly enjoy it.
As alluded to, I previously had the Dynavector XV-1S (when it was the company’s top of the line cartridge). Prior to that, I owned the Ortofon Black, which was too clean sounding for my taste, and the Zyx Airy 3, which I felt was a bit too hot sounding, although at the time I owned it, there might have been a mismatch with the phono preamp being used with it. The XV-1S had a very fine tonal balance, with excellent extension top and bottom. It was satisfyingly dynamic and musical sounding. When it was time for a new cartridge, I had no desire to spend big for another XV-1S. Based on reviews, I decided to try the XX2, which saved me several thousand dollars. Frankly, I was amazed at how closely its sound resembled that of its far more expensive brother. If asked today what the differences were between the two, I could not tell you. All I know is that since I’ve had the XX2 I’ve had no desire to bother with anything else.