Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

I have an old worn out original Te Kaitora that I might trade in on a new one.

How does the new one sound compared to the XV-1 or the old te Kaitora ??
BTW, I have an XV-1 and have used it for 7 years as my reference

I am looking at putting it on my Linn / Naim ARO.
My friend who owns the superb Titan-i,keeps the TKR as a back up,and likes it very much!Actually,there are a few of his audio pals who do the same."These" guys are committed anudiophile/LP collecting fanatics(an understatement,if you knew them),so the cartridge cannot be anything less than quite good!

Good luck
Downunder..the reason I got a scoutmaster and not the HRX is because of the size requirement of the bigger turntable. I suspect that both the t/k or x/v would fit into your arm. If you already have a X/V, and just want to play with a different sonic signature, why not try a zyx, or Benz or ...etc.
fwiw, the xv-1s works with the ARO, you just need to get the heavy counterweight from naim, if you don't already have it.