Dynavector p75mkii or LFD LE SE phono pre

I am using a Rega P5 turntable with a Dynavector 20X2-L cartridge. I have a LFD integrated amp. Any thoughts on either a Dynavector p75mkii or LFD LE SE phono pre? The Dyn would be cheaper, but I am wondering if the extra money for the LFD might be worth it.
Why mkii when the MKIII is out. Can't tell you if it's right for you or not since it's the only one I've owned, but I did audition the mkii and I found the MKIII a tad smoother, but not night and day by any means.
If you can find a second hand P75MKII I think it is a good buy.Perhaps the MKIII is a bit smoother as Last_lemming says but the MKII can be found at a lower price.It is said that PSU does not make any difference to P75 sound,but it really does.Do some experimentation in case you go for any of the P75's.