Dynavector or Ortofon?

Dynavector 20 x 2H or Ortofon 2M Black?
Turntable: Acoustic Signature Primus
Amp: phono stage in Luxman L590AX

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What type of speakers do you have?
Spendor D9
Dynavector. Although the L version is better. Ortofon picks up more surface noise.

Or Ortofon 2M bronze - a little more forgiving than the Black - although properly set up the Black is a very nice cartridge.

Good Listening

I auditioned the bronze, but the Dynavector ( I was looking to replace my worn Dynavector) had detail and life along with a smoothness of texture that I wanted to stick with. I would recommend care with cartridge set-up.
The Dynavector w/the Spendors and Luxman would be very good. My Dealer sells all 3 items and they make a great match.
FWIW you may want to check out the Clearaudio Concept MC. It's a very nice sounding cart in the $1,000 range. I'm not familiar with that dynavector but have an older karat. I prefer the Clearaudio to that. In my system it has better channel separation, 3d character, and texture. Where it falls short to the dyna is speed. The dyna is the fastest cart I've ever heard. The dyna also have very good detail without sounding harsh. 
I own the Dynavector and really like it, sorry can't comment on the Ortofon.