Dynavector Karat 17D cartridge problems

I have a Dynavector karat 17D that was working fine last week. This week I went to play LP's and the right output was not working. I reversed the wires at cartidge outputs and the other speaker worked, telling me it's a problem with the cartridge. Can these things be fixed? Its at least 10 years old but doesn't get used that much. No way I can afford to buy a new 17D (married w/ kids now) so if I need to replace it I'd have to buy something like a Denon 103. Any suggestions? I have an HW-19 VPI turntable w/ a Sirink (mispelled?) tone arm. Thanks, Dan
If you DV17 is knackered, why not just exchange it for a new DV17 or get it rebuilt by a Dyna dealer? Dyna certainly do rebuilds or exchange new carts in the UK. Should be the same in US surely?