Dynavector DV20X2L Question

I currently have a VPI Prime turntable fitted with a ZU modified DL103 cartridge. I noticed recently that the cantilever is no longer straight so I am thinking of replacing the cartridge with the Dynavector 20X2L cartridge. I would then send the broken cartridge to Soundsmith for a rebuild to use as a spare.

My question is will the Dynavector be a good match for the Primes 3D arm? I am very familiar with the sound of the Dynavector so arm compatibility is my ONLY concern.

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I have not used this combo, but theoretically, it should work fine.
Most VPI arms work well with cartridges with compliance of 10 or higher, and a weight of 7 grams or higher.
The Dynavector 20X2L would seem to check off both of these boxes.
Thanks!  I had the original  20XL on my Scout and loved it.  I was unsure because of the 3D arm being lighter than the stock Scout arm.
Well you could always contact VPI, I'm sure they would steer you straight.
The Dynamic 20xl2 is an excellent match with the VPI 3D arm.  
My dealer has the VPI Prime as a demo. He's using the more expensive Dynavector XX2 on the tonearm. Excellent match. 
Thank you all very much.  Looks like I am buying the Dynavector.
have you read the AT ART9 thread?  i had / have the DV20X2L and the ART9 sounds better.