Dynavector DV20X2H or DV20X2L

With my Rega RP6 and my Clearaudio "Basic+" Phono preamp, which one would give a better result and less problems.  Dynavector Low Out Put MC or, Dynavector High Out MC. Would I need a 6000$ phono preamp for a Low Out MC Cartridge ? Or it would be better a Dynavector MC High Out Put, with Clearaudio "Basic+" Phono preamp ?
jmolsberg By the way, DV20x2L offer a realy special new dimension listening to music !
^ I share your sentiments. Yes. Stylus cleaner on the stylus and with other hand use the stylus brush to dry. Do that a couple times and approximately once a week. I also brush those records and keep them pretty clean 😃