Dynavector DV-507 Mk II ?

Has anyone had the chance to audition/buy the Dynavector DV-507-II arm? The jointed arm design looks cool, how does it sound? $4K, worth it?
I have had the 507mk2 along with Graham Phantoms, Reed, Centroid, Davinci Grandezza, TW caustics 10.5 and others. It is one of my favorite. The arm dissipate cartridge resonance extremely well and it is very dynamic in the bass (probably low vertical moving mass). The larger variation in VTA did not seem to rear its ugly head as long as records are fairly flat or record ring is used. Easy to adjust antiskate and VTA another draw for me. THe black version has a much better finish as I also owned a silver one at some point.
Glai, That's an impressive list. Where do you rank the Grandezza in the group?
I had the 12" version. Clumsy VTA adjustment, no azimuth adjustment. Rich midrange but slow bass. I hope their 9 and 10 inch versions are better.
Lew: Grandezza Rank #1 for bling but not for sonics or ease of use IMHO. I am not into bling so I prefer the Reed if I need a wood armwand
For what it is worth, I have had a dv 507 mounted on my VPI mk 11 (upgraded) for many many years. While it may not work with other suspended tables it has and does work extremely well on the VPI the equivalent of which is now the Classic (they now also make many non-suspended) VPI themselves both recommended and then drilled the armboard and set the arm collar when I upgraded the mounting board and platter. It has worked well and sounded great with every cartridge I've had -- grado, audioquest, monster, and koetsu