Dynavector DV-20xM VPI 1mV edition spec sheet

Does anyone happen to have the original complete spec sheet for the VPI special edition Dynavector cartridge (DV-20x 1mV medium output) and be kind enough to post? I can’t find anywhere via google search and no longer available on either Dynavector or VPI websites. Thanks!
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If you can't get an answer here, try Hollywood Sound in FL. He should have it. Also, why not call VPI? If the DV was a factory deal, they should have the specs.
You might try the VPI forum for an answer and help. It is an active forum with plenty of help available.
I have uploaded the spec sheet here
Thanks guys, great suggestions! I did post on the VPI forum and emailed VPI directly. I’ll call VPI tomorrow. I also found the box this weekend but no spec’s other than a sticker that says 1.0 mV (which I already knew). I’ll call Hollywood Sound if I can’t get through to VPI. Thanks again!