Dynavector, Denon or Lyra Cart on Roksan Nima?

I just purchased a Roksan Radius 5 TT and I need to pick up a cartridge. I own Canary Line and Phono stage pre-amps. The Canary CA-400 supports MC and MM carts.

I've been reading a lot about cartridges and I narrowed my search to the Denon DL-304 (the 103R doesn't have as much mass/compliance as the 304).

I'm also considering spending more money to get a used Dyna like the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua, or the XX-2 MK II, or even the 10x5.

The Lyra Helikon has great reviews and it is priced around the same as the Dyna TKR when purchased used.

I don't know if I'd be outspecing my Nima tonearm by picking up a very high-end tonearm like the Dyna TKR or the Lyra Helikon.

So, I hope that someone out there has some experience with the Roksan/Nima TT. From what I read, matching tonearm/cart/phono for synergy is critical at this level.

That being said, the Denon DL-304 is no sloch and for $400 is a great bargain. But, like everything else in audio, spending more money on well reviewed equipment brings a higher amount of joy to the listener. I know the TKR and Helikon would both perform beautifully, but I don't know if I'd be able to get everything out of either cart due to limits of my TT.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


look beautiful,
IMO, you'd be spending unnecessary money on a Te Kaitora Rua, Helikon or XX-2. The Nima is simply not capable of optimizing those cartridges.

If you like the Dyna sound, stay with the 10X5 or 20X. Both work very well with the Nima.

The low to mid priced Zyx cartridges are also nice products.

Dealer disclaimer.
I agree with Bill here, take his advice. For what it is worth forget about Lyra, because when you need them, (A) they don't answer e mails, (B) Don't return phone calls. In fact I was so pissed I damn near bought a ticket to RMAF just to lay into them. Worst possible case of customer service I have come across. In fact in the future should I come across Lyra at a show, they will never forget that meeting. Lyra is great product, but lame ass customer service.
Hi Ferrari: Lyra is a Japanese company, and our customer service is performed through our distributors and dealer network in each country. Normally, we maintain a hands-off policy regarding sales and after-sales service, and allow each distributor and dealer to respond to individual situations as they see fit (and the truth is that we keep so busy with design, development and production that we wouldn't be able to do an adequate job at handling inquiries, customer service and relations even if we wanted to). That said, it pains me to hear that you have had a less-than-adequate experience with Lyra customer service in your country.

Please feel free to send me an email, outlining your situation and dissatisfaction, and where and how you think that our dealers or distributor in your country have dropped the ball. I can't promise anything since I don't know your situation and also since my forte is design and development rather than customer service, but who knows, maybe I can try to make things better. apologies and regards, jonathan carr
Personally, every time I've heard Zyx offerings, I've found too much definition and not enough music. It's analogous to having the contrast of the tv increased too much....just my taste. I do like the Dynas.
>>I've found too much definition<<

Too much definition does not exist.
For me it does