Dynavector coil repair

Does anyone know where I could have the coils replaced on my Dynavector 17d3. The cartridge only has a few hours on it and to make a long story short I stupidly hooked up my phono stage incorrectly and shorted both coils! I tried e-mailing Dynavector but they just referred me to the distributor who just wants to sell me a new cart! I have to say I expected better service on such an expensive product. Any leads would be appreciated.

Rainer S.
Kurt, you bring up a good point. I was led to believe that Dynavector does not do rebuilding at all. Eventually, when something does happen to your cart, you'll just have to buy a new one!
Hey 80stech, I just thought of a thread that I was in awhile back.

You might want to contact a fellow member, Downunder, as he had his Dynavector XV-1S rebuilt by Dynavector in Japan.

Perhaps he can recommend a contact person for you.

Good Luck.
when i went to replace my xv-1s, my dealer said i could have it rebuilt or retipped (i can't remember which), but i believe the rebuild would've been done by someone other than dynavector.