Dynavector coil repair

Does anyone know where I could have the coils replaced on my Dynavector 17d3. The cartridge only has a few hours on it and to make a long story short I stupidly hooked up my phono stage incorrectly and shorted both coils! I tried e-mailing Dynavector but they just referred me to the distributor who just wants to sell me a new cart! I have to say I expected better service on such an expensive product. Any leads would be appreciated.

Rainer S.
Lesson learned, but I would press on the distributor, letting him know Audiogon is a great place to vent your disappointment. Replacing coils is not cost effective for a manufacturer, they should replace at a nominal fee, say $100. Anything else would be just greed on the part of the distributor and manufacturer.
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Advising someone to vent one's disappointment on Dynavector after he basically destroyed a cartridge seems ungenerous. And I'm not so sure the repair is quite so easy as "a nominal fee, say $100" suggests. I don't mean to denigrate 80stech or Bucanero 117 in any way, but perhaps a more measured approach to a solution could be found.
The Dynavector attitude is one reason the 'high end' gets such a bad name with it comes to customer service for 'your' failure. The goodwill created by satisfying 80Stech would be priceless, considering the manufacturing cost of the actual product is about $100. I kid you not, knowing first hand of the business model of Dynavector. Having run a customer service function for a billion dollar company, I know customer 'failure' first hand. First thing I would have done is consider the set up instruction may be something worth improving, may be with a message, printed in red, that damage may result from the condition. Anybody know exactly what the instructions say. Perhaps the dealer should have reinforced that with a one on one customer chat on set up issues. Lets face it, 80stech, if satisfied will go on to buy $15,000 worth of gear in the future. Not satisfied, zero.
You managed to wreck your cartridge...I don't see how the manufacturer
is responsible for your mistake. Am I wrong? I am sure the company
will fix it, but your going to have pay.
I stupidly damaged my Dynavector XX-2. I called Mike Pranka of Toffco, the US distributor for Dynavector. Mike was very helpful getting the cartridge rebuilt.
Not sure if these are current, but you can try:

pranka@i1.net or toffco-usa@yahoo.com
call him at 314-454-9966
Thanks for all the replies. I wasn't expecting Dynavector to repair the cart for free or somehow pay for my mistake. I was up front that the mistake was mine and was not looking for warranty. They could of at least responded with why it is not possible to replace the coils or how much would it cost.I agree that the markup is huge on these items and even if they charged $200 or $300 hundred dollars to "repair" my cart I would have felt a lot better about trading up in the future. Referring me to the Canadian distributor to have them tell me that Dynavector doesn't repair coils, but we can take your's as a trade-in if you pay more on top than what you payed originally, kind of rubs me the wrong way. Slightly OT but if I am going to pay retail for a cart, I want to at least listen to and compare it with some others before I buy it. This is a just recently re-kindled hobby for me so maybe I'm asking too much for how things work these days. BTW-Thanks Ncarv for the lead.
Sorry to hear about your loss.

FYI, the typical cost to "rebuild" a cartridge is approximately half its retail cost, as they basically only save the body, and replace the coils, cantilever and stylus.

As opposed to merely "retipping" a cartridge, which means only the stylus is being replaced. And some manufacturers, Koetsu being one, do not do retips, but only do rebuilds. It is possible that Dynavector is another cartridge manufacturer who does not do retipping.

FYI, I own a Dynavector XV-1S, and I believe that I will find out what a rebuild costs, at some point in the future, (hopefully distant future!), as I believe I have found the last cartridge I ever plan on owning, (it is that good!)
Kurt, you bring up a good point. I was led to believe that Dynavector does not do rebuilding at all. Eventually, when something does happen to your cart, you'll just have to buy a new one!
Hey 80stech, I just thought of a thread that I was in awhile back.

You might want to contact a fellow member, Downunder, as he had his Dynavector XV-1S rebuilt by Dynavector in Japan.

Perhaps he can recommend a contact person for you.

Good Luck.
when i went to replace my xv-1s, my dealer said i could have it rebuilt or retipped (i can't remember which), but i believe the rebuild would've been done by someone other than dynavector.