Dynavector cartridges ok w/ Arcam FMJ C30 preamp?

Hello All:
I have finally decided to purchase a new VPI turntable to replace my Harman/Kardon T60.
I like the Dynavector cartridges but I am concerned that the low output nature of these cartridges will force me to abandon this brand which is a shame.
My phono preamp is an Arcam FMJ C30. The C30 has ability for both MM and MC cartridges.
The specs. in the manual for MC cartridges is as follows:
1. Input sensitivity: 270uV
2. Input impedance: 300Q
3. Signal/noise ratio: -73dB
4. Overload margin: 35dB
Sure...I can buy a separate phonostage, but must I do that?
When I purchased the C30, the dealer advised that most low output cartridges will be ok.
Is the Dynavector brand one to avoid?
I like the XX2.
Thanks for all the help.
XX-2 has 0.23mV output with 6 Ohms of DC resistance and recommended loading of 30 Ohms. Question is what is the MC gain in the Arcam? You can find a calculator for gain at http://www.KABUSA.com Kevin is well versed in these kind of things.