dynavector capacitance


just bought a phono preamp from perreaux, unable to set up my DV 20XHO with it?

Any one know:

the impedance loading?
the capacitance loading?
Gain setting?

What is the gain in the phono section of the Perreaux? The output of your cartridge is low and it is a moving coil cartridge.
Output cartridge 2.8 mV , imp. 1 kOhm , MM input of the
phono should be sufficient.
Thanks, so if i understand correctly, my best shot is to put:

impedance, greater than 1kOhms
capacitance, low as possible
And gain, to match 2.8mv?

the dynavector High output, seems more a 0.8mv than a 2.8mv?

compare to my clearaudio, there a hudge difference in output?

if i upgrade the gain for 1mv sound louder, what is the impact if i proceed that way?

thanks anyhow, it help, specialy to know that capacitance is not important on Mc

thanks again