Dynavector 505 to replace modded Incognito RB300.

Hi I'm thinking of versatility and adjustability that at some point can be more beneficial for proper analogue set up versis the rigidity of RB300. Obviously the Dynavector arm is at much higher price point. Will the upgrade be worthy after all? I will than plan than to use armtube mount cartridges oppose to headshell mount.

While the Incognito Rega RB300 is an excellent arm, it's not in the same league as the DV505. IMHO a major upgrade.
Will this arm work well with Michell Gyrodeck or higher end table is encouraged?
It will "work" with any turntable. The only issue would be its mass; it is a relatively heavy construction. (I am not referring to "effective mass"; I am referring only to the total weight of the entire assembly.) There could be some issues with spring-suspended turntables.

DV505 is otherwise a great tonearm.
I will speak to Michell dealer to cut an appropriate size of the armboard for DV505
Czarivey...also ask your dealer about different springs for the Gyrodec. This arm is pretty heavy, as Lewm noted. I'm pretty sure you will need to replace them with the appropriate ones.
I've seen this arm mounted on Oracle Delphi deck which has approximately same spring suspension as Michell. The spring suspended plinth of Michell is approximately 4kg, armboard for Rega arm is somewhere near a pound. What is the weight of so heavy DV505 than?
Czarivey, The weight of the plinth and the armboard, respectively, is irrelevant. What matters is the tensile strength of the springs that support the total mass. However, if you like I can weigh my DV505; it is currently not mounted.
Czarivey...one of my tables happens to be an Oracle Delphi
MKIV with a Zeta (van den hul) arm, which is pretty heavy.
I had to replace the springs on that table. Oracle makes
several different springs that are color coded and has a
list that lets you know which ones to use. I would really
recommend either talking to your dealer or send Michell an
e-mail and inquire. Lewm is right.

According to the Vinyl Engine the DV505 weighs 1250g.
Thanks, Mofi. I was going to have to hunt down my wife's kitchen scale and then try to balance the 505 on it, which would be tricky.
That thing is realy heavy.
Thanks for thoughtful responses. I've mailed to Michell, but according to the bottom of their page, they'll respond only first week of August.

Michell as you all may know has Orbe springs to handle the excessive weight of massive Orbe platter and that I believe they will work with DV505 arm.

I don't know what league this arm belongs to, but tend to believe that it's flagship of all arms on today's market and certainly last and final analogue upgrade armwise.