Dynavector 501 repairs

I just recently picked up this arm, but it is missing the headshell and bottom plug which I am pretty sure is a 5 point din although I am not sure. Can anyone help me repairing this thing? or have a link to schematics? I am also curios as to opinions on this arm as the internet yields basically bupkiss. At least if I can't fix it, they are re-sellable. Thank you in advance for the help.
Did you buy the one on eBay with the Oracle? What type of shape is it in? I was seriously considering it, but the bidding went past my drop dead price. Good luck let us know what it sounds like when it's all back together.

I think you may have to send it back to Dynavector.
Yeah, that is the one I bought, I am pretty handy with a soldering Iron, so I figured what the heck.
At least on the 507, the headshell is a standard 5 DIN, so that's easy to replace. You can contact Dynavector's distributor regarding getting an original one, or get a Sumiko headshell, which allows for azimuth setting.

I'm not sure what you refer to as the 'bottom plug'. Do you have a link with a picture?



Dear Gsxr750ccs: Yes that output plug is a 5pin one that you can find through Cardas and the headshell is Universal type that you can find everywhere.

It is a nice and pretty decent tonearm. Here information about: http://www.vinylengine.com/library/dynavector/dv-501.shtml

Regards and enjoy the music.
Found a headshell that fits correctly, off of a Yamaha PX-3, straightened and put everything on the arm back in place, which was much more of a task than I thought. Looks like now all that is left is to mock up some rca connections.