Dynavector 20XL + P75

I've been using a Dynavector P75 with a Shure V15Vxmr. I just installed a Dynavector 20XL cart today. I set up the P75 in Phono Enhancer mode, but I'm unsure which "resistance" setting to use, High, Med, or Low. I set it to low for now which would seem to give adequate gain. Also, how long can I expect it to take for the suspension to break in?

If you look at the Dynavector website the spec for the cartridge is 5 ohms internal resistance and the sheet on the P75 indicates that cartridges in the 4 to 10 ohm range should use the Low setting in the Phono enhancer mode. I would also try the manual settings as well. I have a 20XH that reveals huge changes when the loading is changed.
Mike is correct about the setting. I find that the 20xL and the P-75 have a great synergy in the PE mode. You could use loading to adjust the top end response of your vinyl playback if you found the PE mode to be too dark or too bright in your particular system.