Dynavector 20XL-2 vs. Soundsmith Zypher

I'm currently running an Audiotechnica OC-9MLII in my VPI Scout--very nice cartridge for the money. I'm considering an upgrade and have narrowed the field to these two models. Phonostage is a Herron VTPH-2 so no real restrictions as far as gain or load settings. Both carts appear to be good matches for the JMW-9 tonearm. I'm looking for a tonally neutral presentation with very quick and clean bass and good inner detail. Thoughts? Anyone compare these directly in a Scout?
I own a DV 20X2 H and a Zephyr. The DV is my backup carty. I spin my vinyl on a VPI Classic (w/Classic 3 wand). The DV is very nice. That's why I couldn't let it go. But push come to shove, I think the Zephyr is a better sounding carty. Maybe it would be a closer call with the DV 20X2 L because the MC is lower mass. Dunno. But my vote is for the Zephyr.
I have a scout with 20xl2 and like it very much. I have it going to a dynavector p75. The p75 has special setting for dynavector carts. Both pieces sound great together. That said, your herron should be big step up from my p75.
Can't speak to the cartridges you mention but the Herron VTPH-2 phonostage is outstanding. I am running a classic 1 with a Benz Micro Wood SL and a VTPH-2 as well and I am very pleased with this combo. I have Tele's in the Herron a nice improvement over the stock Ei's.

Good Luck with your choice.
You might consider a Dynavector XX2MKII. I used one for several years in my Scout Signature. It's a superb cartridge, I'm still using it in my project Garrard 401/Dynavector 501 tonearm, with even better results, but it worked great in the Scout, too.

Best of luck, regards,
Thanks all. Bifwynne, I'm actually now leaning toward the 20X2 H instead of the 20X2 L so I can go into the MM input of my Herron. So, your experience with both these carts is very helpful. Can you discuss the differences you hear between the two carts in your system and why you like the Soundsmith better? Also, I had an XX2MKII a while ago and really felt it was too much cartridge for the Scout--I don't think I could really appreciate the difference between it and the 20XL it replaced so I sold it. I'm really down to these two models since both are reputed to be an excellent match for the JMW-9. Thanks folks!
The Zephyr is simply more detailed, better bass slam and just sounds better. This shouldn't be a big surprise because it is reputed that Harry Weisberg and Peter Ledermann sllegedly collaborated on the design of the Zephyr. Also, the Zephyr is an easier match to the JMW uni-pivot arm. In short, the DV 20X2 H is a nice carty, but keep in mind that it's kinda at the low end of MC carties. I haven't A/B'd the 20X2 H versus the L, but I surmise that the L may sound better because the MC is lower mass. If I had to choose between Zephyr OR DV 20X2, I'd go for the Zephyr.
Hi Dodgealum

When I had my Scout at its best, the performance did not in any way reflect on the limitations of the table. Rather, it emphasized its' strenghs. I had, though, done many things to help its performance. Extensive isolation, 300rpm motor, completely isolating the motor from the table, with the exception of the belt. Other things as well, but you get the idea. The Scout can be made a formidable vinyl spinner, if you care to. But, it's your choice, of course, any choice you make will undoubtedly sound just fine.

DV 20X2 vs Zephyr update. Yesterday I swapped out my Zephyr to get it retipped. I slid the DV 20X2 H back on. I confirm my earlier posts. The DV is a nice sounding cartridge, but it just doesn't have the resolving power of the Zephyr, particularly when I spin classical music vinyl. It is very good for rock and pop -- bass really slams, but even still, the bass and lower midrange is not as tight as the Zephyr. Also, it seems that the top-end is a little "dark."