Dynavector 20x2H

Having broken the stylus of a DV 20x, I recently purchased a DV 20x2H. Does any one have experience with this cartridge, specifically how long does it take to break in?
40-50 hours. You might get a little more out of it up to 100 hours, but the majority within the first 50 hours.
Concur with Mofi. The DV 20X2H is my backup carty and I'd say Mofi is spot on there. It's really a nice, easy and non-fatiguing carty. My primary carty is a VPI Zephyr, which works nicely with the VPI Classic TT. Macdadtexas and I drive the same analogue front end.
You wanted to ask how long it would take to break the stylus of your new cartridge? Well, it depends, but 50 hours is more than enough, that's for sure.
I'm on my second 20x2-H (first one was damaged when TT was in transit). It gets really good after about 50 hours, but really comes into its own after 200+ hours when the top end really smooths out nicely. My new one has 100 hrs or so, and still can be slightly edgy on some recordings (violin music, choral music).
Thank you for your input. I am very glad it is not one of those 300-500 hour break in some cartridges have.
I have one on a 12 inch Ortofon tonearm atop a TW Akustic Raven One. 200 hours and its terrific, can be a little steely til then.