Dynavector 20X2 vs Ortofon 2M Black

Hi everyone I am currently looking for a phono cartridges for my new Stereo preamp. the Preamp is a Cary SLP-98p with tube class A Moving Magnet phono stage. Built in for cartridges with output of 1.4mv and up. The 2 cartridges I am looking in my price range and recommended for my turntable, is Ortofon 2M Black and the dynavector 20x2 high out put version.

I would go with a step up stage for a low output moving coil. But d not want to spend the extra money on cables or upgrade a step up stage in the preamp ether. I would just rather get a cartridge and be done with it.

I have listend to the Ortofon and sounds outstanding with a solid state phono preamp.
Though I have never heard a high output moving coil version of the 20x2 at all or even a moving coil with a tube preamp?

Would the 20x2 H version be better to suite a all tube system, over moving magnate cartridge?

The rest of my system is a cary 120s amp, Kimber silver streak interconnects, 12tc bi-wire speaker cable, and totem forest speakers. Though planing to upgrade and change the speakers to totem Element earth speakers.
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I'm surprised nobody has responded to this. I'd like to hear about the comparison too. This is probably a common comparison so you should be able to search for a similar thread that has already been posted, either here or on another site. I'm curious how the Sumiko Blackbird, which is what I have on the way, compares to those 2 you mentioned. I wasn't able to do any direct comparisons myself.
You can always send your pre back to Cary and have them install a pair of Lundalh step up transformers which will allow you to use mc cartridges.

Since the transformers are internally installed, there is no need for an extra pair of interconnects. The Lundalh's are very transparent and are compatible with 90% of most mc cartridges.