Dynavector 20X H vs DV 20X M 1mv for VPI

Has anyone, particularly someone who owns a VPI TT with JMW arm), ever compared a DV 20X H (2.4 mV) to a DV 20X (M) (1mV custom made for VPI TTs)?? I own a VPI Classic TT with a VPI Zephyr cartrdige. I also own a DV 20X2 H as a back-up cartridge. As I have mentioned in another thread, I like the DV very much, but I like the Zephyr better. Ergo, my current set up.

I ask the question in this OP because from time to time I see a DV 20X M (custom made for VPI TTs) for sale. If the 20 X M is significantly better than the 20X H when used on a VPI TT, then it raises the question of I should try to swap out the two DV cartridges. OTOH, if we're talking about differences measured in the "tweak" threshold, I'll stick. It would only be an academic exercise at best and not worth the effort.

Thanks for the thoughts.
I went from the 20XH to the 20XM on my Scout and found the differences minimal. Perhaps slightly greater detail and speed but this may have been more what I expected to hear rather than what I actually heard. If you like what you have I'd stick with it. OTOH, you may want to look at the new 20X2 which I have not heard.
Thanks Dodge. Actually, my cartridge is the 20X2 H. I have no point of reference to know how the 20X2 compares to the 20X.

Your response is consistent with what I would have expected, i.e., a little better detail and speed. I surmise that the coil structure in the 20X M has less mass because it has less windings. Less mass means faster response, but at the cost of lower output: 20X M (1 mV) versus the 20X H (2.4 mV).
I experienced high velocity mistracking more than a few times with VPI/Dyna combo on piano, opera and choral records. More so w/ 20xl and less so with xx2 In a final act of desperation I paid dealer to make house call to double check my set up.
Jdaniel, I know what you mean. If you check my other threads, I whinned about my VPI/cartridge compatibility issues.

Interesting to hear about your DV20X L having tracking problems. I don't recall the same with my DV20X2 H, and because the coils in the 20X2 H presuambly are heavier than the 20X2 L, I would think I would have had the tracking issue and not you.

Double check your alignment, azimuth and VTF. I would surmise that mis-adjusted azimuth could be problematic. Also, make sure your VTF is close to the top of the mass range.

Good luck and please report back.
I can actually report right now. : ) The whole kit's gone. 3 years of fiddling was enough. I'm listening through an Audio Technica 130E and im very happy. Is it as musical? No but it comes insultingly close to what I had and tracks even what the Xx2 would not. Although I was initially thrilled with the $$XX2, as my collection expanded so did new bouts of difficulty. Just listening to organ solo/last pages of music on side 2 of janacek's Gagolitic Mass (DGG Kubelik) and thrilled with clarity delivered by AT. Take that LP to dealer

Jdaniel, again I empathize. FWIW, if you still have your VPI TT, and want to try another cartridge at some point that I think WILL please you with its musicality and trackability, then take a look at the VPI Zephyr, made by Sound Smith. I understand that Peter Ledermann of SS and Harry Weisfeld of VPI collaborated on the design of the Zephyr. The Zephyr is my primary cartridge and the DV 20X2 H is my back up cartridge. So far, I am very pleased.
I will definitely keep that in mind, thanks.