Dynavector 20 XL or H for Rega 600 arm

Hi, everyone.
I think I have decided to go with a Dynavector 20xl rather than ortofon 2m black cart for my modded Rega p-25. I have gone back to my goldring 1042 mm lately, but still think I may get more out of a mc cart. I use a jolida phono preamp and hope it will allow me to load it right for the xl, but if not may go with the xh. Could anyone offer suggestions between the two? Also, if you think the ortofon would be better with my phono preamp and tt, please advise. I have tried the denon 103r and the shelter 501, but just didn't feel they were that much better than the goldring. I may not have given the shelter enough break-in time, but it seems from my research that the dynas are a good fit with rega arms. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
Good match.Shelter is not as as Dyna at full band (shelter tips up mids).Didn't check Jolida or Dyna gain and outputs but should be easy to check from spec sheet.Or call Music direct which has both.
As I have always understood it the difference between high and low output MCs was in the number of windings in the coil, the high having more. The rest of the cartridge is the same so the arm isn't the component to determine your choice, it is the phono stage. If the COMPLIANCE of the cartridge is different then it makes a difference to the arm but here I think it is the OUTPUT which is different. I am judging not on the Dynavector but on the other High and Low output MCs I have sold, I have not heard anything to indicate that the Dynavectors are different, does the literature show a different compliance?
Thanks Chazz and Stanwal. I think I'll contact Music Direct - great idea since they have both. Stanwal, I haven't thoroughly studied the literature and have really come to just ask here and on audio asylum about settings to load the Jolida. I've had great luck with people using the Jolida and whichever carts advising on starting points with loading. The Jolida has many settings and I was just wondering if the XL might just really take advantage of having a phono preamp that could load it properly and extract just that tiniest bit more information over the XH. I figured there must be a reason for offering both and I have read they are very similar, but was wondering if anyone here has used either with my table/arm or the similar RB300 arm. The output on the XL is .3 (at least I think that is the figure you mentioned). I wish cart loading and all those details about compliance and such were in my realm of understanding but in the meantime I appreciate people such as you with great knowledge of such replying. Thanks to both of you for the quick replies.
The H is intended to be used into MM inputs for those who do not have a moving coil capability. The ordinary phono stage will be looking for an output of several millivolts. A hi output moving coil like my Denon 110 has an output of about 1.8 millivolts if I remember. So an output of .3 millivolts requires either a very sensitive moving coil stage built into the phono stage or an external step up device. The output of the H should be close to 2. VPI is offering a hybrid version with an output of one millivolt that is intended to be used into moving coil inputs. The question here is not loading, which is the impedance/capacitance you ADD to that of the cartridge. It is SENSITIVITY, does the cartridge have enough OUTPUT to drive the phono stage. If it does not then loading is irrelevant as it cannot increase either the sensitivity of the phono stage or the output of the cartridge.
The compliance is the same for both models. Your Jolida is more than capable of driving the lower output of the DV20XL. The XL is a little faster and more open than the XH. Both are excellent cartridges. These carts work very well on the Rega arms.
Great to hear, Mofimadness! This is what I hoped to hear. I love the Jolida and do want to use its abilities to the fullest. Probably will pull the trigger on this when my tax refund gets here. Cannot wait! Also, thanks for the clarification, Stanwal. It is beginning to make some sense!