Dynavector 17D2MKII vs. XX-2

I was curious, if the performance gain is worth the extra money, between these carts. I went from a 17D2 to a 10x5, and man i'm missing the 17d, i'm considering at least moving back to the 17d level, but am curious if i would gain much by moving up to the XX-2, any opinions or comments would be great. thanks.
It partly depends on your tonearm and TT - I have a VPI Scout and use the 17d2, but I wouldn't go any higher in cart. upgrades without upgrading the tonearm/TT.

If you never go up to the XX-2 then you will be happy with the 17d2 - something to consider.

Once you move up a level of performance, it's hard to go back, so...
I have a super scoutmaster w/ jmw-9 tonearm, and the 17D works very well with this set up i know, but i was just wondering if anyone had compared the two, ideally with the jmw-9, but if not, just any comparison. thanks for your post robm321, it does make sense, i was very happy with the 17d, i just didn't expect the drop in performance i got when i changed to the
I've compared the two using Nottingham Spacedeck and Spacearm. The xx-2 is better overall. More refined, detailed, warmer and sweeter. The 17d2 seems to be faster.

Good luck :)
The Space Arm is a good match for the 17D2. It will handle the XX-2 adequately but to fully realize it's capabilities a better tonearm is required. The Space Arm, however, is clearly superior to the JMW-9.