Dynavector 17d2mk2 and JMW

Anyone using the Dyna 17d2 mk2 with a JMW 10 arm?? I had to replace the HW drop cw and go back to the stock cw due to the light weight of this cart... even then just barely gets to 1.5gr. Does VPI make a lighter weight??. I called today, but they're away till friday.. BTW... This is one great pick up, and aside from the low weight, sounds awesome! Thanks

I actually have mine tracking at 2grams. I would try that out before getting another counter weight. Espicially with the JMW type of counter skate. Give it a shot. If it doesn't sound right then of course get the counterweight.

Check for a local VPI dealer they may have an extra one since this is a common problem with Dyna 17D2

You can add a small amount of mass to the head shell. The best way to do this is to add one or two small stainless steel washers between the screw head and the head shell. The distance from the head shell to the pivot is long, it doesn't take much to get the additional VTF that you need.
Thanks to all who responded for the great info!Actually after leaving a message with VPI yesterday..they were nice enough to return my call and have already shipped the lower weight CW they supply!..I have the option of swapping my stock weight in exchange for the lighter weight and all it will cost me is shipping to NJ!..Or I can purchase it outright for $25.00..Since I already have an Expressimo Heavy weight Drop CW...I will take them up on it! Thats a nice option from a great bunch of folks at VPI!

I am indeed temporarily using the extra washers as mentioned and was able to get about 1.75 gr with the stock CW pushed right to the base of the arm housing, This will do till the new CW arrives from VPI..

Thanks again Rob and Sidssp for your helpful posts. As mentioned, this is quite a nice sounding cart. even right out of the box new!..cant wait to hear it open up and run it with about 2g with the new weight!

Best:) Ken