Dynavector 10X5 versus Sumiko Evo III

I have a Rega P3-24 turntable which was packaged with their Elys (MM) cartridge. The Elys is better than I expected---though I have had two whose cantilevers collapsed. I did not mishandle them. Therefore, I am considering using a high output MC. I have owned the previous Sumiko Blue Point Special which was good but not equal to Sumiko's Talisman which was discontined about 7 years ago. My impression of the BPS was that it sounded somewhat bright and predictable and not very engaging. Though, the cartridge was rugged and I never had a problem with it. Therefore, I am looking at the Dynavector 10X5 and Sumiko's EVO III which is supposedly a greatly improved version the of the BPS. I would like to get some input on which cartridge will work the best with the Rega table which has an RB301 tonearm. I am using a Creek 5350SE classic and the SE MM phono board. I was told by Creek that the MM phono board needs to see a 47,000ohm cartridge impedance to sound good. I am considering moving to an outboard phono board with more flexibility and better sound. Possibly, a Gramhan Slee "Special Edition" phono box(a dedicated MM stage) or the Moon LP3 which is both an MC/MM phono stage. My speakers are Silverline Prelude II's which may be soon replaced with either Epos 16i's or the new Rega RS-5----I am still looking. Thank you Jim
The Sumiko is not as bright as the Dynavector. I have the 10x5 but beware they are extremely delicate. They sound pretty good on a Linn Sondek 12 w an Ittock II arm, but you can easily ruin one trying to mount it. I am very careful and used a mint lp tractor and ruined my first one and the second one still ran me $160.00 so I think that they are junk and will go with a Sumiko the next time around. Good luck either way and happy listening. PS if you buy a 10x5 from the needle doctor, make sure it is not bent right out of the box. They have a bad "oops" policy and Dynavector will not help either.
Just a note: ANY cartridge other than a Rega, will need a different VTA setting which means you will need to remove the arm and use spacers, (washers) or install a VTA adjuster.

I would look for a used Dynavector DV20XH for a few dollars more than the other two you mention. Excellent cartridge.
The Rega Exact 2 sounds absolutely wonderful on my P3-24, and its installation and alignment is perfectly straight forward. You may want to consider this combination. There's something about the synergy of Rega table - Rega arm - Rega cartridge that makes beautiful music. That being said, I know that a lot of peole are very happy with Dynavector cartridges on Rega arms. But, remember, you'll need to add shims under the tonearm mount to create the proper VTA. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !
Looking at the compliance figures for both cartridges you would be pushed into choosing the Dynavector over the Sumiko as it has a better resonance match with the Rega arm. 11-12Hz opposed to 10 Hz respectively.VTA is not a huge problem either,you can use thicker or thinner mats to make stylus point on record to plinth vertical distance about 31mm.
My experience on my P25 was just the opposite of Polk432, I found the EVO extremely delicate because the external wires are sooo easy to accidently touch and break - these are the fine copper wires that are on the side of the cart, not the red-white-blye-green ones in back. I found the 10x5 easy to mount and not as delicate to handle. I'm even finding that I like the 10x5 better than the 20x10 I had in my all tube system. However, I am currently trying a Dynavector DV160 and I'm really amazed at the quality of the sound from such a relatively inexpensive cartridge. In fact, I cannot decide which I like better the 10x5 or the DV160.
Jgiacalo, what's a Dynavector DV160? Never heard of that model. Do you mean a Denon DL160 perhaps?
Thanks to all for your comments and advice...Jim
I recently had this thread forwarded to me.
I don't know who "Polk432" is and would never quibble with anyone's personal taste regarding hifi, but the assertion that DV makes "junk", that their products are abnormally fragile or that they would ship anything with a bent cantilever is nothing short of complete nonsense. If anyone at all has any questions about this, I am not anonymous and can be reached any time at: (314) 454-9966.

Mike Pranka
Many years ago I purchased a used Planar 2 with RB250 and it came with a many-years old Supex 900 Super cartridge - my first real analogue set-up. Thought the sound was awesome compared to my Rega Planet CDP - however I decided to replace the very old cartridge with a Super Elys, figuring there would be synergy and set-up would be easy with the third set screw. I soon found that I was not enjoying my vinyl as much as with the Supex so I put it back on and sold the Super Elys. Shortly thereafter, after much research, I picked up a Dynavector 10x4Mk2 which was like heaven - so, so much better than the Rega cartridge. Ran that cartridge into the ground and ended up "upgrading" to a Clearaudio Virtuoso wood (table had also been upgraded to VPI HW19 MkIV with rewired RB300). Notice "upgrading" in quotations - again, I was finding my vinyl somehow less appealing - sold the Virtuoso and picked up a DV20Xh - again, vinyl nirvana!!

Morals of the story? Number one, Dynavector, in my opinion, make the best cartridges in this price segment. Nothing else I have heard comes close. ESPECIALLY on Rega arms! Number two, Rega make great tonearms, decent turntables but crappy cartridges (at least IMO) - there's always a better choice.
i've had both. the 10x5 does sound lighter/brighter, more "refined" than the bps (to my ears). but i haven't heard the NEW bps...