Dynavector 10x5 or Ortofon 2M Blue

I am trying to decide between these two cartridges, and the price difference isn't that big, given the Dynavector is slightly used, and the Ortofon is new.

More specifically, I'm trying to figure out the following:
1) Can I install the Dynavector relatively easily (I am a very mechanical person, but still, I don't want to screw anything up), and do I need to shim the tonearm 2mm?
2) Given that the Dynavector is a high-output MC and puts out 2.5 mV, versus 5 mV or more for the Ortofon, will my phono stage handle it well, and would I need to crank the heck out of the stereo to get decent volume?
3) Will the Dynavector sound appreciably better, and if so in what way?

My system is Rega P1>Rega Fono MM>McIntosh MHT 100 pre>McIntosh and Krell solid-state amps>Linn Keleigh speakers (all with pretty good interconnects).

Thanks in advance for your expert help!
I haven't heard the 10x5, although it seems to have a good reputation with Rega arms.

I've been listening this morning to a new 2M Blue on my Rega Planar 2 (RB200 replaced with an RB300 arm). The cartridge has about 10 hours on it and seems to be breaking in nicely. The mids and bass are opening up and it has a nice musical sound to it. I was playing Tomita's Mother Goose suite off the 'Bolero' album (RCA Red Seal) and there is a part where the synthesized strings just take off and zoom upward in frequency. The 2M Blue played this part very well, impressive frequency extension, smooth and clean. I knew that part was coming and was waiting for it with anticipation and the 2M Blue did not disappoint!

I did not have to use any shims when mounting the 2M Blue on the RB300. Another possible advantage to the 2M Blue is it has threaded holes for the mounting bolts. Very easy to mount on the tonearm. Just be careful with the cartridge clips, use tweezers and only grip the clip, not the wire, so the wire doesn't break off.