Dynavector 10x5 cartridge.....with which table ?

Hello friends........I am very much interested in hearing your thoughts about the Dynavector 10x5. As a 2.5mV output MC pick-up, it should be a nice match for my Rogue Cronus' built-in MM phono stage (please view my complete system).
With a total budget of ~$1500 - 1700, I'm thinking of using the new SOTA Comet III (w/ RB-301 arm), or the Rega P5. Another option is to start with the new cartridge (perhaps even the DV20H) on my existing table, and keep saving my money for a VPI Scout.
I'd like to know what you guys think. Thanks a lot, and Happy Listening !!
I've had a Scout with Dynavector 10x5 for almost a year now and I love it. Light years ahead of the Music Hall MMF-5se and Goldring I had before it.
I would go with the Technics Sl-1210 and the Dynavector 20XH and be done with it.
I would go with the Technics Sl-1210 and the Dynavector 20XH and be done with it.
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Good idea. There's a used Technics SL-12xx available now with KAB power supply and Cardas tonearm re-wire upgrades.

Add a $90 MintLP Best Tractor specific to the SL-1210 arm.
depends a bit on style of music you listen to- i have the vpi scout and had a dyna 10x5-it was very good,but i listen mostly to 50's jazz and both vpi and dyna recommended i switch to the dv20h which was quite a move up for that use. Call them--they're really helpful and straightforward
Hey Slvrtravel............Just like you, most of my LP collection is 50's (and 60's) jazz. Brubeck, Coltrane, Rollins, Blakey/Messengers, Morgan, Mobley, Grant Green, Miles, Peterson, Silver, Mingus, Monk, etc., etc.
It seems as if your Scout/DV20H set-up may be a good idea, and something to start saving towards. Since I'm presently very happy with my NAD/Rega/Goldring front end for now, I'm in absolutely no rush for my "dream analog upgrade."
What's the rest of your system like ? Is your analog rig compatible with an MM phono stage ?
Hey back adam...yes, the rig is compatible and actually favors MM ( as you prob. know you can simply switch arms on the scout and have your alternate arm equipped with a MM or aMC and mac favors MM but i'm hunting an audio research ph5 or 7 to improve on the MC-- got mac 501 monoblocks and mac prepro into sonus faber cremonas with synergistic research tesla and apex cables---nice SWEEEEET musical sound---chet and gerry would have approved----good luck on your choices and enjoy the music.
Right back at ya', Slvrtravel............Thanks for the reply, and the MM stage advice. Wow, your system certainly does dound SWEEEEEEEET !! And, as a matter of fact, as soon as I'm finished watching the Olympic swimming tonight (Go Phelps !!), I'll go down to my music room and listen to a little Baker and Mulligan.
Happy Listening, my friend !!