Dynavector 10x5 & Bottlehead Seduction C4s

Does the Seduction have enough gain for this cartridge?
I'm currently using an AT440MLa (4mV output) and it sounds great. Will a high-output MC cartidge (2.5mV) work OK with my preamp?
yes, but the AT150 will sound even better.
I once tried a Goldring Eroica cartridge (2.5mV) with a the Seduction phono preamp and a 3.5 watt SET amp, and did not have enought gain. I ended up with a Grado Gold Prestige (5.0 mV) and it was a huge improvement.
Ive found with the seduction the higher the output the better. It can handle cartridges with outputs above 10mv. Im getting great results with my cart stepped up to about 6mv, The sound will be good with lower output carts but youll need to boost the signal with a line stage.