Dynavector 10X5, 2M Black, Grado Platinum or....?

I'm looking for a cartridge recommendation for my Pro-ject 1 Xpression III turntable (Carbon 8.6 tonearm) either MM or MC. A friend works for a distributor of Ortofon and Grado so I could get a discount on these, but ultimatley I want the best cart for my tonearm. I listen to hard rock, blues and jazz, I need good bass, warm detailed mids, detailed highs and a good sound stage. I just purchased the optional counterweight so my options are plentiful. My front runners are;

Ortofon 2M Black
Dynavector 10x5
Grado Gold
Grado Platinum

I would very much appreciate feedback on these or any other cart in the $150 to $500 price range that would work well with my table. Thanks.
I have a Grado Statement Sonata on my Expression III. I think it is a very good match. I mainly listen to Rock.
I have a Musichall MM5 (Project OEM); I have heard the Grado's may hum with your rig. Obviously not with Stevtt's, but I am also looking to upgrade my rig So I am going through the same process.
Ortofon is often paired with Project and Dynavector seems to be highly recommended.
I checked out Clearaudio they sound good with Project too.
I like the 2m black. I've had one on my scout for a year now and couldn't be happier.

Great soundstage, killer bass, a lot of detail in midrange and silky highs.

Very dynamic cart.
If you've got enough $$$ for the 2M Black, get a Dynvector 20XL instead and you'll never look back. I like the Black, but I LOVE the 20XL. My musical tastes are identical to yours - 90% hard rock and jazz.
I am using a Dynavector 10X4 MkII which is nearly the same as the 10X5. I'm running a Sota Saphire (vacuum platter) with the ubiquitus Rega RB300 arm. For the type of music you're listening to I would highly recommend either the 10X5 or as suggested by Vinyladdict, the 20XL. I believe the 20XL is a low output cart that will require a good MC head amp but there is also a 20XH version that has an output high enough to interface to a MM front end. You'll love the solid bottom end and strong mids for vocals. Both the 20XL and the 10X5 have great channel separation and create a realistic (as possible with rock and blues) sound stage. You won't go wrong with either.
So I went ahead and purchased the Dynavector 20XL low output and couldn't be happier, this cart is so far superior to the 2M Red. Solid bass, good everything, no pops and clicks, wonderful! I'm currently listening to a live Depeche Mode LP, awesome sound stage!