Dynavector 10x4 or Ortofon X5-MC?

Probably these 2 carts have been discussed before, but I just found this site (i.e, thanks for your patience). I have a Rega P3 with RB300 and am replacing a Blue Point Special. I guess I was happy with, but never "wowed" by the BPS--maybe I found it a little edgy, I'm not sure, but its recent demise has given me the opportunity to check out other possibilities. What do you hear in these choices, and how might they compare to my BPS?

Additionally, does either cartridge offer any problems or ease in setting up in my TT? I don't mind a bit of futzing, but I'm not a tweaker. Do I need a spacer/ring with either of these, or to order anything else to set them up and go? THX for your advice.
I would say that both the Dynavector and Ortofon carts would smoke the BPS.
I have never owned the X5-MC, but have heard it in other's analog rigs, and it is a pretty good cartridge.
I have owned a Dynavector 10x4 and it is a real good cartridge for the money.
I personally would lean toward the Dynavector 10x4.
They would both be better than the BPS.
As far as a VTA adjuster goes, I think that this is a requirement, regardless of which cart you buy. I use the Origin Live model, but there are others, like Expressimo Audio, that are just about the same thing. You need to "tune-in" your VTA, even if the basic setting looks good without an adjuster. You can make the cartridge perform at its best, and get what you paid for.
Get the variable adjustment type, like the ones I mentioned above, and not the Rega spacers. You need fine adjustment capability.
I am biased since I am a dealer but the 10X4 is one of the best values in phono cartridges I have ever come across. I really like it a lot - and we typically do bundle it with the P3. I think the two make for a great combo.

I have not found that the 10X4 requires VTA adjustment on the P3 - typically when I mount the cartridge it is spot on. Nevertheless I am a big fan of VTA adjusters because they offer flexibility for future cartridges, and for the various record weights (i.e. 180 g, etc.) out there if you want to compensate for that.

But going back to the 10x4 for a moment, Twl is definitely right... it will smoke the BPS.
I love the 10X4 with the P3. I originally installed a 2mm spacer for VTA. I used an old Shure test record and it surprised me when it tracked the whole record with no problems at all. I now use it most often with no felt mat on bare glass and never bothered to adjust the VTA- the high end is even more transparent. The 10x is a great buy.
Ortofon X5 is cheaper, especially through Hong Kong ($110).
I am now onto a Kontra B which is better, but the X-5 stays as a spare. I also had the Talisman SIII but liked the x-5 much better, smoother not edgy like the Talisman can be.