Dynaudio Xeo, First High End Wireless Speaker.

Check it out on their website. Look interesting. Thoughts on this?
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I don't think they are hi-end
active wireless speakers looks like excite series
I would call such speakers good hi-fi

$4,500.00 a pair for a set of speakers is what chopped liver?

Compared to the rest of the audio world of $200 sound bars and $600 HTIB sets this is certainly high end.
Could this be the next big thing in High End? CD players are now being replaced by DACS, what if wifi or bluetooth replace interconnect from the preamp to the Amp? Or maybe this is the future audio rig? A DAC,and preamp that beams its signal straight to the speakers. Maybe high end amplifier manufacturers started teaming up high end speaker mnaufacturers to put their amp modules on the back of speakers.........Who knows.
I saw Braun Tri-Amps back in the 70s. Good stuff.

Add a BlueTooth receiver and there 'ya go.....right up-to-date.

The NEW CA DACMagic has bluetooth in an optional dongle.
Can't wait to hear these. I love dynaudio speakers I have a set of c4s and contour 2.5. I'd ove to get a set of these in here to see how they compare. I'm surprised at how affordable they are as dynaudio stuff is not cheap. But this really cheap when you consider it's the whole system. Just the rack in my rigs costs more. I'm intrigued.