Dynaudio Xeo 20 Owners (Cord and footer question.)

Hi folks,

I’m interested in feedback from owners of Dynaudio Xeo 20’s. I’ll be using the speakers in a bedroom on top of a large, heavy piece of furniture with tempered glass on top. (Of the credenza not the speakers.)

Here are my questions for owners:

1. Did you purchase aftermarket power cords that made a noticeable improvement in sound? (Please share your experience.)

2. Did you/are you using any stands, spikes, footers that you found effective? (I’d appreciate your input.)

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Save your precious feedback. It’s not an existential question, so spare the ‘real question is’ puffery. I’m not trying the Kef Ls50 Wireless II, or any other alternatives, as I’m allergic to them. Doesn’t matter my source, the presentation I prefer, my goals for the system, room size, placement width, listening chair, or that I may have wax buildup in my ears. I’m not replacing my furniture with an audio rack. I’m not moving the furniture. I’m not going with floor standers even though they play lower and don’t take up much more space, or mounting the speakers on the wall. I’m not interested in how my future options will be limited vs passive speakers and outboard amplification. I’m uninterested in alternate options that may/would be better and cost less. I’m aware that I need to hear the speakers and any other enhancements in my room with my ears and make a decision I feel is best for me. Room treatments, electrical outlet upgrades, dedicated circuits, and/or any other options are not relevant at this time. I barely graduated high school and I’m too old to learn correct grammar, proper sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling, so don’t waste your effort on a ne’er-do-well.
LoL, like the disclaimer.

Use something from isoacoustics.  Possibly apertas.  
I’ll also recommend Cullen Cable Crossover series.  Awesome cables snd not too thick!

good choice on the dyns. I am allergic to kefs as well
Thanks, b. I have been reading up on Isoacoustics stands, they have a loyal following. 

I have also heard of some using Herbies products or ‘spring’ pucks for lack of a better term, made by Nobsound and others. The good news is most options so far are easy to audition and return if necessary. 

I’ll check out the power cables you suggested.

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