Dynaudio X12's Upgrade? Small Room. Any advice?

Seeking advice. I have tried all sorts of speakers in my small listening room. It is a 9' x 11' office.

Everything from Dynaudio X12's to Klipsch Cornwall's. I have KEF LS50's, Klipsch Cornwall's, Klipsch Heresy II's, Dynaudio Contour 1.1's, Triangle 202 floor standers (sound good but not the clarity of the Dynaudio and probably to big for my room) and the Dynaudio X12's. The Klipsch sound great at low volume which is what I mainly listen at but both have a too bright a glare when turned up louder. The KEF are a not as smooth to me and sound better in a bigger room. The Dynaudio Contours 1.1 sound maybe smoother than my X12's but I prefer that little brightness I get from the X12's. I have been thinking maybe the Harbeth C7ES-3 might be a major step up without losing the clarity of the Dynaudio X12's. I have a REL T-5 subwoofer than I have turned up just barely for minimal bass and to make the sound a little fuller. Equipment is Primaluna separates and a Luxman 505U Integrated and a Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2. Listen to jazz, acoustic music and some rock. Any advice or recommendations or should I just keep mu X12's?

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Have you tried corner placement?
mapman yes i have tried to x12's in  the corner but they sound so great away from the corners i haven't thought about it in a while. what would be the advantage of corners.
I wonder if the C7 would be too big for your room?  Maybe the Harbeth p3esr or Monitor 30.1 or the ATC scm v11 would be better choices?

Whoops - that should be ATC SCM 11 v2...

Your room is essentially a square which can be tough. Are you listening in the nearfield? If not,  that would be my first suggestion,  no more than 5ft from speakers. 

You have used a lot of very good speakers to not find something you like. 
I love I love the X12's. They sound great about 7 feet away from me. With subwoofer barely on that seems to be my best sound. The KEF LS50's were actually too bassy for my room. I have them in another room now. The Dynaudio Contour 1.1 is maybe a better speaker but I like the highs better on the X'12's.  I was looking for some kind of upgrade where I keep the highs but get a little bit more mids and upper bass. Might not be possible. I heard Harbeth's have a great sound but haven't heard any yet.

Thanks mcanaday for the suggestions. I thought about the p3esr's by Harbeth but I thought that might be too similar to what I have already. What do you think? Also I have a friend who is a ATC dealer but only heard their amplifiers. Will talk to him about the speakers.
I’ve owned both the Harbeth P3’s and the C7’s. The P3’s are so much better in a smaller room . Another real nice speaker for a small room is the Spendor 3/5R2. You would not go wrong with any sealed LS3/5a type of speaker!  Here is a review that I think nail the Harbeth!
Why not try x14s? I have had 12s,  and 14s and they may be the ticket for you. They are a substantially easier load for the Primaluna too. 

Also, X18 has the esotec drivers and a larger driver. I have not heard these yet but I bet they are killer. 
Yogiboy That review of the P3's was great. That might be the speaker I need. My Dynaudio Contour 1.1's have a lot of bass in my room. I am a fan of a great midrange and high speaker and the P3's sound perfect. I love that they supposedly sound good at low volume. My other speakers with the exception of the Klipsch need to be up a bit to sound their best. Thanks for the help.
Any Harbeth dealer you can recommend? I am in Oklahoma and none near me.