Dynaudio X 16 or Focus 110?

Hi Folks,

My dealer has both these bookshelf models in stock and I'm trying to decide which to go with. Any opinions by owners or others familiar with Dynaudio? How does Dyn do against Paradigm's Studio series? Thanks for any input...Brian.
I'd also like to hear opinions of Dynaudio Speakers from other members in general. I'm new to the line, but kind of intrigued by it. Thanks for any input.
After owning a pair of Paradigm Studio 40 v.3 I went to Dynaudio. I have owned Audience 42, Focus 140, Contour 1.4, and now Confidence C1. They are fine speakers. As to a Focus 110/ Paradigm comparison the Dyns win easily in my opinion. Depending on room size you might think of the 140's.
Thank you!