Dynaudio-Which one should I buy with around $5000.

With $5000 which Dynaudio? Would rather not integrate a sub but I love low end slam.  New Contour 20-great tweeter-heard the 60s at Axpona-can I live without the lower octave? The Excite X44 look interesting-have not been able to hear anywhere-Not much interest in the press. The new Special 40 look interesting.
Haven't heard many other brands I like as much as Dyns. Used Raidho and Focal are maybes.
C1 Signature used for sure. 
You might consider looking for a pair of Contour 5.4's. I had them for a few years, and really enjoyed them. Mine used were $5000, but that was over 10 years ago, I'm sure they could be found for far less these days.

With Dynaudio I’d suggest

Either stick to their small two ways (which they do better than most) like the Contour/Confidence old or new version.

OR I think you are better off with another line of speakers for a good three way as the good three ways with Dynaudio are in their top of the line range - and get very expensive (above budget). Three ways in their mid range tend to be bass heavy and lack PRAT 
I think the Contour 3.4LEs are a fine speaker and can be found almost new for your budget. 
+1 C1 Signature. I'm not sure why I don't own some. 

C20 has plenty of low end for me and I consider myself a basehead. Thought I would opt for C30 but have been very happy with C20. However I only sit 8’ or so from them. C20 plays louder with no issue from the woofer bottoming out. If you like loud bass heavy music then C1 may not be for you. Black C20 for sale here now at a nice price.
Stretch the budget and pick up the 60's.

After break-in - spectacular.  Worth the cash.  No need for a subwoofer, just spectacular.

Have seen them out there for 7k asking.
In really depends on your room size for proper bass with or with out a sub, The Special 25,s should be on your list of auditions and usually can be had for $3000.00.
I was very impressed by the C20's.  I would suggest picking them up. 
hey @netz1, i wanted to reach out because i am a long time dynaudio fan and a current raidho dealer. i moved up from dynaudio to raidho and have never looked back - the raidho sound is different (and more to my tastes). most notably, the bass is more defined on raidhos but it doesn't have the sheer power that the dyns can muster. i do find the raidhos to be more airy, have a larger soundstage, and just have that x-factor that makes you fall in love with a speaker. prior to first demoing raidhos i never thought i'd move on from dyns (having demo'd wilsons, focals, magicos, etc)

feel free to pm me if you want to discuss further and for some price quotes on raidhos. maybe we can make a deal happen!
I m trying to sell a pair of speakers so that I can pursue Albert Porters recommendation for a used pair of C1 Confidence Platinums