Dynaudio vs. Vienna Acoustics

I would like to upgrade my Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers, and would like to hear opinions about Dynaudio (Contour or Confidence series) vs. the larger Vienna Acoustics models (Beethoven, Mahler). My amp is Classe CA-300. This is for a 2-channel system. I would like to avoid sub if possible, but have heard that REL integrates well with high-end speakers.

What to buy in the $5-10k range? Opinions, comments, suggestions?
As a former owner of both the dyn 3.0 and the vienna bethovens I would give the nod to the bethovens buy a wide margin, they are a very sweet and musical speaker with tight base, IMO, dyn audio is way overhyped and overpriced, but I would also offer a further bit of advice, if you are seriously looking for 2 channel, the Tyler speaker line is the best speakers for price and performance, IMO, good luck
Vienna Acoustic's Mahler or Vandersteen V's. Both very musical. Both have solid bass.
I like Dynaudio Confidence 3.0, but I must say I've been impressed with Vienna Acoustics. Tough decision. Let your ears decide. I am performing my own experiment right now with REL integration (A Strata III with B&W N804s). So far I like it. I'm still tweaking the sub with placement and crossover frequency. The sub provides not only the low frequency bass, but it also helps to create "room size and air".