Dynaudio vs. Meadowlark

Which would you pick? Audience 70 or Std. Shearwater? System=bryston 3bst,Anthem Pre1l,Marantz CD67SE.
I can`t make a commet on the other speaker but I can on the Shearwater, I have these on my stereo ,they have a good soundstage, quick bass , and there imaging is first rate. you should go out and hear a pair of these. the transparency is very good too!!!! Greg
Can't really comment on the dyns(except with Audio Refinement complete or DNA 0.5) but the meadowlarks can be driven by SET designs(Art Audio Diavolo... Hoo Ha!) in which case it BLOWS the Dyns away. The shearwater and kestral are the best designs from meadowlark, the upper end stuff being outclassed by other companies IMHO.
P.S. I own the 4B-ST. Not bad but I am sad to say that it can't really compare with SET designs I've heard. Not that the 3B or 4B ST are bad. They easily bested my friends Forte stuff... but single ended tubes done right... ahhhh.... IHMO
One more thing... the Meadowlark Shearwaters are just damn good speakers period. Oh... you wont see them in Stereophile cuz they wont pay for ads... but make no mistake, they are the best bang for the buck. Really nice soundstage... musical... can be holographic...
now if you wanted to spend more... Silverline Sonatinas are VERY hard to beat. Blows the Shearwaters away (and many other speakers). SETs are FANTASTIC with the silverline Sonatinas... but enough of my rantings... happy listening.(The problem with most Dyns is that you are basically limited to solid state gear or high power push pull tube designs. The meadowlark and silverline stuff allow you to pick any amp you want lest you change your mind in the future...)
The Meadowlark Shearwaters are great sounding speakers. I have heard them in three different listening rooms with different setups and they always sound good. I am curious though why I see the for sale so often. It makes me wonder if people get tired of them. I bought Aerieal Acoustics model 6s instead and like them a lot. They need more power though.
The Shearwaters were reviewed in a recent (within the last few months) issue of Absolute Sound. As I recall, the reviewer liked them...and since he listed the system with which he auditioned them, you may find it of some help.