Dynaudio vs B&W for classical?

I had Dynaudio 1.8mkII and Nt9 in mind. However, what would be main difference between Dynaudio and BW i8n general?
B&W Nautalis series have a much more open and transparent sound but I must add Iam not a big fan of dynaudio they are great speakers. For classical why not try an eletro static speaker? If thats the only music you listen to try the Martin Logans
Cserkin--Just to keep you confused I would say the opposite is true about these two brands (probably because I fried my cochleas playing rock in my youth!). The point is that these are very different sounding speakers and you really need to get them together to compare so that you can decide which one fits in best with your tastes. On the other hand, I do agree that planars may well be the way to go for you--I have Soundlabs and for now I plan on staying put! Good luck.
Lots of people prefer planar for classical music, but not for me though. I had a planar before and thought it was good for classical until I optimized my power amp and turntable to fit my small dynamic speakers (ProAC and Celestion + REL sub.). Actually, once set up right, my monitors have a soundstage as big as ML, but better focus and image. My room is not big, so not 100% fair to ML. The integration of bass/high is always a problem for planar. And planar tends to have a tuff time with old recordings(lots of good stuff for classical there). So I choose the music first, no way I give up not playing Horowitz or Rubinstein because my speaker don't like the recording engineers. I believe most of classical fan will let their music choose the speakers not the other way. Planar did have the best high to my ears but not overall integration. If you are fortunately to have a properly linked gears, dynamic speakers are 90% as good in high and much better in med/low. Try violin to cello, planar has to pass this ultimate test first. If you like it, then stay with planar.
This in just my ears' experience, no offense to planar speakers and fans.

Did you ever try ProAC, VA speakers, some say good for classical. B&W and Dynaudio can handle pretty loud music, so it would be good for pop and orchestra. 9NT seems more friendly to old recording (compared with its own N-series). Dynaudio needs lots of power, if you have it, should be good. So, I suggest to choose based on your power amp. If you have good clean/high power, 1.8II is good and if you don't, 9NT is a safer bet. Why not try it on your amp.

Good Luck!
I have been told that the majority of modern classical recordings are mastered on B&W loudspeakers. I own a pair of Nautilus 803's and they sound wonderful with all types of music. They have the most natural midrange that I have experienced. I would say that they are more geared for my classical collection than my rock collection. The Dynaudio is an excellent speaker as well. You will not make a mistake by going with one or the other. I believe, however, that B&W is designed primarily for classical music playback and therefore may be a better match for you. Good luck.
I actually auditioned both B&Ws and the Dynaudios side by side. While I thought both were wonderful, I chose the Dynaudio 1.8s. I found the highs on the B&Ws to grate on me a bit. I did play classical with both of them as well as several other pieces and overall, I thought the Dynaudio to be a better all around speaker as well as more pleasing for classical. It is really a subjective decision with these two companies as in that price range, they both make fantastic speakers. I guess my bottom line is that if you like really enjoy the highs on the B&W, you will grow to love them...if you find it a little grating, you could grow to hate it.