Dynaudio Upgrade?

Hi. I bought a used pair of Dynaudio Audience 52 se last year and I love them. With the Focus 160 on sale and abundant on the used market,would that be a worthwhile upgrade? Thx
Yes it would be an upgrade. You do know that Dynaudio is discontinuing the passive Focus line but keeping the active XD's going
No I didn't. That explains the price reduction. Thx

The Focus 160 is a fantastic sounding speaker and may be worth buying at a good price if you're going to keep it for the long haul.
The downside is your resale value will be very low.
resale value will be  good if you buy contour or confidence speakers
need to stop by the dealer if they are blowing out the focus
Hello again. The Contour S 1.4 is also on sale. I have a small listening area in a condo. Would they be overkill  compared to the 160's? Also, I see a pair the Contour s1.4 le on AG. Are they worth the extra money? Thx

As you move up the Dynaudio line up there is more refinement. The Focus 160 will be a bit punchier and tipped up in the highs vs Contour or Confidence. Some will say the Contour and Confidence will sound a bit laid back in comparison.

Me personally I like the punchier tipped up sound for about an hour or so (wow factor). The longer I listen to them the more I dislike them. Again my opinion. I owned the C1 and later the C1 sig's for several years. To me they sound more natural and balanced.

If you can grab the 1.4 for good price go for it,sound way better and for me is sweet spot on the line.

A few years ago I moved from the exact speakers you have(52SE)to the exact speakers your looking at(Focus 160).IMO the difference was minimal.The upgrade will not be as dramatic as say an amplifier upgrade.The 1.4's will probably be to much in a small listening area.
Thx freediver. Regarding the amplifier, can you make any suggestions? Im using an Emotiva xpa 3 for the fronts. I have a 5.1 systems with Monitor gx 100s, a gx 350 center and a pair of gx50s in back with those Dyn Audience 52 se for a change of pace. I recently bought a Rega 6 TT with an Ortofon Black mm and Ive heard that you should keep the analogue seperate. I know that you either love or hate Emotiva, so what would be a good choice for an integrated or power stereo amp that would sound better than the Emo? I am using a Marantz 7701 pre/pro. Thx
If possible, keep it under $ 2K new or used.
Naim integrateds sound pretty fantastic.  Had an XS and now a supernait and hard to go wrong in that price range